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  1. We take on the Death Nut Challenge as promised! Enjoy this remix from the live stream where we suffered through with you guys live! Thanks so much for 10k! Giveaway details coming soon! Think you have what it takes? Try the Death Nut Challenge 3.0 HERE: https://amzn.to/3iZ48Qb

    Watch the full live stream HERE: https://youtu.be/-205lvf67JQ

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  2. I gotta admit I started watching you guys because I’m all caught up with Build a Soil and Cali Green but I stayed and subbed because you guys grew on me. I can relate to you guys a lot more because of the humble and genuine personalities that you guys portray. Keep doing what you do!!

  3. Hello highigan, I have been watching ur videos for a lil while now and was wonder if you two could do video on where you get your auto seeds from and maybe which places to stay away from. I have looked at a few and I'm unsure on the subject and was wondering if you two would help. Thanks for making great videos and keep up the great work.

  4. Two spicy nuts….trying two spicy nuts….hahaha….I live in SoCal….we have the best mexican food in the country….and i would never ever do that…ha…reminds me of Homer Simpson…carrying pepper spray to spice up his food….lol…both you be crazy….do you plan on doing round 2…

  5. Just so you know, the part of the chile thats hot is capsaicin which is a chemical that is hotter with water, use milk or ice cream or even bread. Going up in mexico you learn this shit early in life

  6. This was so awesomely hilarious live. Thanks so much that was a fun way to spend an evening getting blasted and watching your suffering LOL. You guys are great. Heaven is a beast (and I mean that in the best way possible), I want her in my corner in a fight, she won't quit.

  7. Respect for the amount of work u do in editing alone! Not even mentioning the tending the gardens, shooting, brainstorming the content, ordering, researching, reading comments, answering, and u both work, have kids, and have personal lives! 🤯 Thank u both for all the hard work. Yall make it fun and are very cool to all us subscribers. We love yall 😉✌

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