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  1. It’s embarrassing that humans can’t determine deep fakes. Jfc, the eyes, the hair, the lips and the sound, the artifacting, the floating face… Seriously, the Obama deep fake was a shallow fake. That was horrible. It shows how goddamn stupid this country is.

  2. Not new. They do this with the getting "free money" from the government/assistance videos. They use voice actors, mimicking famous people you are familiar with, and likeness. Some of the famous people would not endorse this bull-corn.

  3. We KNOW how social media has manipulated so many. We KNOW that the vast majority will believe whatever they read or see if it contributes to their beliefs. And we KNOW that AI is a completely different animal.
    My summation? Societies around the world are toast when it becomes ubiquitous. We're not sharp enough as a species.

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