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  1. the average home grower wouldnt need this, nor is it worth the money, any growing tips that dont cost money would be prefered, alll it seems is your guys selling us products… ac tis and ac that buy this new gimiick green light lol

  2. 0:22: 🌿 Revolutionary product for monitoring grow environments, aiding in temperature and humidity control.
    2:43: 🌱 Innovative plant tracking system with calendar and batch feature for growers.
    5:05: ⚙️ In-house design and testing of sensors, with focus on conceptualization and US-based assembly.
    8:00: 🏡 Behind-the-scenes look at a small team managing production and packaging of products.
    10:30: ⚙️ Innovative 3D printing lab enhances product development with constant improvements and new releases.
    13:10: 🌱 Pulse Labs was created out of a grower's need to stay connected to their garden and alleviate paranoia.
    15:30: 🌱 Innovative grow monitor with built-in power and CO2 meters, providing comprehensive data for optimal plant growth.

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  3. So glad you guys got to come by HQ for a visit! We appreciate the support along the way and we're happy to be a part of your garden and journey. Cheers to continued growth!

  4. Awesome video! I just downloaded the pulse app, that will definitely come in handy to keep up with all the grow alongs. I will have to get a pulse here soon to try out in one of my tents. Thanks for the code! 😎

  5. I made a pulse pro myself for 15% of the msrp lol. Govee hygro-thermo which even calculates vpd and can export charts and data was $20, wifi camera $20 and thats all you need. I can check in on my plants as well as read my temp and humidity and ive got like $320 left over for seeds or whatever i want 😁

  6. All due respect, truly – this channel isnt really worth following anymore if the audience has to wait 3-4 weeks in between videos and when a video finally releases, it's a #ad. This is not what quality content looks like but to each their own.

  7. I’ve been eyeing a pulse for a while now for my garden, but I’m a cheap s.o.b. Although, this pulse zero is quite enticing, may have to just go for it. Great vid, cool getting to see around their facility there.

  8. Good growers do not need expensive devices like this. Your money is better spent else where! Remember, you are growing a plant, not performing surgery. Some of my best grows were with just a ph meter and a temp/humidity gauge.

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