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  1. Ok ,listen , everyone has heard Bruce Willis is not doing movies anymore , what if , say … Anyone said a joke about Bruce's situation without knowing and his daughters walked on stage and fucked a ( the person ) up ..

  2. No wait .hold the fuck on …Chris said a joke , a joke , this wasn't a roast ,it was a joke and it was funny as fuck , now granted .he may not have known about her situation , hell I didn't , but , Will did wrong period

  3. Man. This was a blow to my heart. Damn. Violence is NOT the key.. how embarrassing. And that standing ovation was just the weirdest shit ever… If Chris Rock turns out to be a serial killer or something, I may just forgive him, but fuck bro. That shit ain't right

  4. Here's a mixture of Will Smith & Chris Rock Films put into Story Form, Who Is Chris Rock, Chris Rock was a Down To Earth comedian until he told a joke about Jada's Good Hair, Then Ali lost his Focus & thought he heard someone say its Showtime, he stood up like it was the Wild Wild West, ish was about to Spiral out of control, the I Am Legend man walks over like he was Born to Reign, Hand Cocked & with Six Degrees Of Separation between them & a Seven Pounds weight advantage, this Bad Boy For Life slaps him, & all in the Pursuit Of Happiness!, chris was shocked & wanted to say the N Word, but he's Nobody's Fool, instead he looks stage left as if to say, can someone call Nurse Betty I think I've got Concussion, the whole world reacted with comments, that wasn't a Bright thing to do to another black man, he's not Saving Face, you can't slap Chris he's Top Five,,,his Independence Day will come, but for now this two faced Gemini Man will be ok because he was Made In America.

  5. I believe it was staged, all for more views, more clicks, etc and if it was real and he didn’t want anyone talking about his wife then he should’ve never came out last year on that public table talk telling everyone about the Entanglement.

  6. Doggy are you really saying that… homie smoke more. Man that's what happens when you are wiped when you let your women play you. And he allowed it. If he got bothered cause he wanted to show balls

  7. Na Will is completely in the wrong. Unprofessional and against the law and because of his Hollywood mentality he thinks he can do whatever he likes. I promise you their's no way he's slapping The Rock if he said a joke about his wife. Remember Chris Rock is a comedian what does he expect? Shows pure insecurities that was already plain to see in their relationship.

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