Did legal weed (specifically Rec) kill the variety available to the average consumer? #ArchiveTV

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Basically all of the large scale producers are growing the same 8-week hype garbage, and the only “sativas” on shelves are …

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How To Grow Weed 420


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  1. I'm so glad breeders make seeds and have been for decades. That's why we don't have to get that crap and havent had to since Prop215. So many kids smoke dispo purple hype but anyone with half a brain grows or knows a grower.

  2. I remember going to Divinty Tree in San Francisco tenderloin district in 2012 and picking thru 30 huge jars of great weed!!! From NYC Diesel, Romulan, GDP, real Trainwreck etc etc. Even Garden Of Eden in Hayward had crazy variety. Rec messed it all up smh.

  3. Yo fletcher I loved it ever sense you came on the show and agree with everything you say about cannabis but my only question is though why did ccc420 turn into “archives” YouTube channel it’s fine and all is Ogs actually love the new content especially the podcast type videos but you guys never addressed the change from CCC420 to straight archive a lot of the og ccc420 viewers are really confused. keep up the great work ❤💯

  4. If it makes sense to grow it they will if it doesn't they/we wont. Simple. Sometimes rare should be rare and you have to accept it. And if it really is that good a following will build and there wont be a problem with rarity anymore or you can do it and be the only one cornering that market.

  5. I'm so glad I live in Oregon where I get to grow my own medicine. The industry as far as I'm concerned shot itself in the foot by bringing legal marijuana to the public with black market prices😅😅😅

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