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  1. I think what these served common indonesian culinary,,why dont try served red lawar with chicken blood one of the ingredient,,,it's amazing how these balinese could make a dish with chicken blood but no smell of blood in it,,,😊

  2. One main thing about Bali, is that they eat pork. If you don’t serve pork at a Balinese restaurant, it’s it a very traditional place. To many Balinese pork is something that they consume at very many Balinese warung. If you don’t serve pork at a warung, it’s not a authentic Balinese warung. Unless you actually don’t serve pork. Please be mindful about how you represent Balinese food. As they consume pork. It maybe a local owned place, but why don’t you serve pork?

  3. Thank you for highlighting this restaurant in Bali and also Indonesian food, but I can see why some people would say that the title is misleading. The restaurant owner has made it clear in the video that each region in Indonesia has its own unique cuisine, including Bali. The dishes in the restaurant come from all over Indonesia, so the title “Bali’s authentic flavors” is kind of misleading as foreigners who are not familiar with Indonesia might think that this is what Balinese food is all about. It’s like highlighting French cuisine and calling the episode “Europe’s authentic flavors”. It’s not wrong, just misleading.

  4. when she said her mom's love language is food, i felt that about my Indonesian mom too. she would not say things like 'i love you', but everytime i came over she would cook opor, rendang, basically my favorite dishes since i was a child.

  5. The title is misleading. I wouldn't consider the foods here are all Balinese food, Indonesian food in general, yes. Balinese food has very distinct flavors as every others Indonesian's foods. Balinese food is known for using mixtures of many spices and aromatics called 'basa genep' and 'basa gede' to seasoned and give taste to the food. We also have some food that only requires very little ingredients, such as 'suna cekuh' , 'sere tabia' although it's not as complex as the spices in 'basa genep' and 'basa gede' the flavors are still in my opinion authentic Balinese. Also since Bali is predominantly Hindus, here also known for using pork as a source of protein options.

  6. Burma Star in San Francisco has been around for multiple decades in one of the most expensive and difficult restaurant city's in the world. Maybe would qualify for your series.

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