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  1. Im 18 now and the labour and greens are in power, praying that within a few years I can start living my dream and open a dispo or start growing on an industrial scale or some shit..
    had no idea until recently bc he's been sober for like 30 years but my dad used to have 50 plants growing in a storage locker?!?! I guess the old family butchers shop that 'went out of business' was just his money laundry or some shit? But if bud finally gets legalised here, ima see if dad wants to start a lil family business with me

  2. i like your motivation, your already getting shit done. Sleep is very important please don't stress your body over the top. I can't undermine how important sleep is for your body so try at least to get 8h of sleep ❤️🤗😴 We all love you and we all support you 🙏🏻❤️🧡💚

  3. I needed to hear this. Wow. What a simple short livestream to get me to GET SHIT DONE. Thank you Thomas. I need to turn my life around too but i WANT to do better. And hell, do it with weed. It’s time to stop using it as a crutch.

  4. we get it, Everyones gets delt a different hand of life, your lucky enough to get to share such passion and positivity with people around the world. much love Yolaaa we all here for ya xx

  5. Aye super dope to see!

    For the creamy/custard flavors, something I learned back in 2016 being super huge into vaping was that you usually don’t vape those all day cause it’s definitely super sweet and rich. Can give stomach aches and vape tongue faster as well.
    Just some info if you didnt know already.. Peace brother! 🚀✌🏼

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