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  1. when I went Dam in the early 2000s I thought they will be nothing so had 2 and the special chocolate, which was a weed infused hot chocolate. I remember feeling really tired. I went to my hotel and slept from 6pm and was out till the next day lol.

  2. All edibles in Netherlands that are sold legally CANT BE MADE WITH EXTRACT THC(butter,rso,bho,etc) BUT ONLY WITH PURE MATERIAL.

    I would bet on my life that you smoked a shit ton of weed between eating that cake and the video being made.

  3. I had one once, asked how much was in it, they said .4g of hash and I thought that's nothing no problem. 4 hours later I was stuck at the top of the Nemo literally forgetting stairs exist 😂😂😂

  4. I am dutch, do you have ever visited in den-haag? Their are many good shops like the green house, cemers, the grow and many more! Also rotterdam has some really good shops aswel

  5. On god, those coffeeshop space cakes dont hit if you are a big smoker. Not at all, I've tried at least 5 from diffrent shops. Years before Cbd scam was even a thing. Yes there is THC in it, but like 20mg or smth.😂 Only place I would recommend buying them is boerejongens, they aren't stronger but they are at least legit compared to those shady brownies

  6. I ate 2 space cakes from the boerenjongens in sloterdijk before entering the bus for the home ride, didnt felt anything at all just got tired to sleep, no high no stoned effect…

  7. When I was coming back from Amsterdam I munched on a space cake, magic brownie, and toked a big spliff outside Schipol Airport's entrance.

    I don't even remember getting back to the UK. Pretty sure I literally flew home without the plane somehow!!

  8. What’s ur tolerance, like how much u smoke a day? I had the exact same little cake like a 4 weeks ago and I didn’t feel anything :/ I smoke like 3/4gs a day, but no top shelf, probably the shelf right below

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