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  1. i thought this guy was kinda smart until i seen this video. before i started smoking weed in highschool my grades were almost straight A's. i was involved in many after school activities like sports, karate, music. and i was doing extremely well in competitions. after smoking weed on a regular basis i couldn't even hold a basic job for more than a few months my grades dropped to just barely passing and i slept all the time during the day which i never ever did before. i use to have unlimited energy after weed i had zero energy. its like weed to away my spirit. the thing is drugs do different things to everybody not everyone is the same. so yah this guy has no clue wtf he is talking about. i find it funny how he talks with such assurance hes very funny.

  2. Hiiiii! Thank you so much! I have been researching this topic for a while, and your video just concluded it. <3 Anyway, I just did a wake and bake…and the morning just got beautiful. It calms my racing thoughts, it helps with my insomnia, appetite, enhances sound…I love music, taste (munchies, appetite, #Foodie) I also love to cook healthy food while I am high! I just successfully completed a short course at college last month, I was high daily as I attended school. It made my mind quiet therefore it was easier to concentrate in class and also enjoyed practicals BC It was easier to interact w my classmates as they say as u puff puff pass, It's easy to make friends….
    Anyhow, I was thinking about quitting BC of the comfort zone, it brings, e.g. youtube, tv, chill all day! But you're definitely right! It's what it is! If u skank while tired, u gonna pass out, (relaxation) when u skank and mix it with alcohol, u gonna pass out, if u over munch (over-eat) u gonna pass out, so it really depends on you, self- discipline, self-control, hard work, if its chilling, its chilling, if it's a task, fucking get on w it, errand…get ready go….etc….I started smoking at 18 and it led to cannabis induced psychosis…but wait….also did over doing alcohol, cigs, khat. BC I am bipolar diagnosed. But it balances my symptoms, manic and depressive. I have watched a few vids and they did all say..that it is about dosage, few puffs put if off, get on w your day, BC trust me if u smoke up the whole blunt, guess what, munchies will come on asf and then you will sleep! Btw, I quit alcohol and cigs. Marijuana is the healing of the nation # quote #rasta goodvibes# You have to be in a right state of mind for you to go on with anything. Oh and also it makes me more creative as I am already, I enjoy organizing, reading novels and writing! And more fun with my son…I act his age and we have lots of fun!!! Hehe ..skank sweet, ease the tension of the world in your mind…don't forget to work hard!

  3. Nice video.
    Smoked weed for 8 years along with a group of friends, from what i saw yes it makes you lazy most of them lost ambition and are leading mediocre lives (jobless playing wow…).
    Mental health experts agree it makes you lazy and is addictive. Probably best to steer clear of it.

  4. this video might’ve changed my entire outcome in life bro, who knows, taught me a couple things that imma use to change myself fr bro thank u so much fam, i’m a person who isn’t motivated by myself as much so weed makes me lazier ig so imma take a break or only do it after i really earned that shit

  5. Pretty much you just gotta have a good mindset. Don’t smoke if you can’t get anything done. Smoke when your free. Things suck. Get work done come home and smoke and be lazy then

  6. wow, it's like looking myself when I'm high and doing my youtube live. Only that I'm speaking different language, and the funny things is, to most people in my country, they think they knew when high person speak (they think slow lay-back talking) but actually depends on person, like you, I talk fast. They even think I'm not on weed (lol!). Nice seeing a person talk so much energy (energetic is it?) like you..😅

  7. Yeah, it makes you lazy. I’ve smoked for over 10 years. In those 10 years I quit maybe 2 years. This year I have been off months and on. And again, I fell in to consuming a lot. I make descent money and go to college. Live alone, own an expensive German car. I can read while high, but the next morning I start feeling the want for weed immediately and groggy and anxious. If I’m off, guess what? I will smoke. It’s just a struggle to cope with weed even though I love it. Time to hopefully just focus on work on school and other productive things.

  8. Plenty of driven people don't smoke. Very few driven people smoke. Cannabis makes you inherently lazy which is why you see whenever someone smokes their just sitting around doing nothing while doing it.

  9. It totally does. You were spot on when you said it makes you okay with whatever is going on. My husband just started smoking again after a few months break(I dont smoke, but used too) and after just a few short weeks I can see a huge difference in him. Way lazier. And his memory is much worse too.

  10. As an aspiring YouTuber who smokes regularly, this is exactly what I needed to hear! I am aware that my consumption rate has spiked lately and felt myself getting complacent, the state of my house is a pretty good indicator. This video gave me the motivation that I needed, but also made me feel that it is ok that I smoked a bit too much yesterday, or maybe in 5 days from today because I am having a rough go. As long as I observe myself and my thoughts about how much I am smoking and why. Thank you for your insight and honesty!

  11. Totally agree with what you're saying Josh. For nearly a decade I wasted a lot of time smoking tons of shitty weed, accomplishing little and feeling sorry for myself. Then I got older and wiser and now use cannabis mostly on a reward system as well as for ritual. This way, I save money and can afford good herb, I get shit done and my highs are way higher. Yeah, I still sorta wake and bake sometimes but only after I've gotten at least one or two things done first. Anyway, good video. Keep it up kid!

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