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  1. Can't belive tulA sat there and did every single test! I'm not sure my Luna will willingly do any of them. Anything she eats she smells thoroughly and if it passes she will take a bite.then a pause breath of air,then look around then repeat..super picky

  2. Hi Dr. Jones, so appreciate your videos. Have used many of these remedies for self, pet friends and people friends. Your vids are so empowering. Kitchen table medicine, afforable care. Thank you so muchđŸˆâ€âŹ›đŸ•đŸŻđŸ„„

  3. I have suffered nostril smell since childhood and lead to bad breath and I have battled with it all my life. But recently taking of Dr.Auchi YouTube channel herbs have help me get rid of it. No more bad breath or nostril smell. I’m completely free now. Dr.Auchi YouTube channel remedy is the best product to cure bad breath and nostril smell….

  4. Hello Doc, I have a dog, she’s active and healthy I think. And she’s turning 4yrs old this year. I’m just really worried about her breath that stinks so bad and smells like a dead rat, its not normal compared to my other dogs. I tried those remedies already but still its in there. She still have that unpleasant smell. Please can u help me what would be the possible cause and what to do? I hope u will notice this and looking forward for ur response. Thank you! ❀

  5. My dogs teeth are clean and brushed regularly. On a few of his teeth however the gum line is growing up his tooth. What can I do outside of good hygiene practices can I do to prevent this? His breath doesnt stink and his teeth are still really white. Is it because of bacteria?

  6. Please help my dog : she’s a multi-Pooh, and she keeps getting allergies pulling out her hair licking her pause profusely. We stop giving the dogs food that had chicken in it and she still doing it. Plus I’ve given her medication from the vet it worked for a couple of weeks and now she’s back at it again she has bald spot on her back from falling on her hair

  7. Thank you for these great tips. I wasn't sure if dogs could ingest aloe straight from the plant. I have an aloe plant. Guess what I'll be rubbing on my Elvis' gums? I will also try the other tips. Thanks again.

  8. I was expecting this would work but I expected it to fail. I started feeling better and 2 weeks of consuming #DrSusanOduwa it has helped me to get rid of herpes. I had an HSV1 outbreak every month for seven years. I just wanted my life to end so I don't have to go through this anymore. Now it's like herpes never happened. I am so happy

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