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  1. Can I please ask a couple of questions?
    We have 3 cats for around 4 yrs. They were put out as kittens. We love them very much. But, financially, I can't afford regular vet visits. We had them fixed. Now we also have additional cat that was put out about a year ago. He has also been fixed.
    My questions are one of the older cats beats the youngest up so bad his head stays scabbby/bloody. Any idea how to prevent this? Also, one cat I was checking their flea collars to see if they were getting to tight. He must be allergicall his hair was gone where it lay. How will I prevent fleas for him? Any OTC for the bald area?

  2. I tried this today plus a good walk, trip to pet store, run & chase w sister for hour in yard
    I put dome gauze around it on paw
    So far leaving alone
    Gave him aspirin w food.
    Have tea aspirin seeping

  3. Thanks doctor helping us help our animals in the end times when there no longer is any help. What if dog licks aspirin is it dangerous?; Another question can a cat have marshmallow root?

  4. I make a balm that heals hotspots in 24 – 48 hours. its beeswax, honey, calendula, rosemary EO, sage EO, Lavender EO and lemongrass EO. It removes the itch instantly (for mozzie bites and itchy bits in humans too) so they stop licking and the hotspot dries out within 24 hours. I apply the balm about 4 times within 24 hours then leave it – Redness and sore skin goes in 48 hours. I have a chow chow and it has never not worked for us.

  5. Let me start with I love your videos but I'm a little concerned by the aspirin dose in the tea especially if someone has a small dog that licks a lot. I think using a baby aspirin 81mg I think is the mg would be safer.

  6. Also need to keep your dog from licking the hotspot or it will take forever to heal if it heals at all. My dog had hotspot on her rear leg that she would not leave alone, so I put some wound cream on and then placed an old crew sock on the leg and held it up with some elastic sprain wrap that athletes use. At night I placed a soft cone around her head since I could not monitor her. In the the morning I took the cone off. I did this for about a week and it healed and she then left it alone. It is important to devise a way to prevent the licking.

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