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  1. Thank You, Dr. I watched for awhile your great, only thing .. I'm a senior citizen & I have to listen to your videos over 3-4 times you talk so fast … my brain doesn't think that fast 😊 really am Blessed by your videos ❤

  2. I give my dog zesty shoes to help her stay calm. Can you also give melatonin with that? And she’s a husky, but she is really shedding a lot. I don’t know if it’s because of the weather we’ve had a lot of rain and it’s been very hot but humid. And I didn’t quite make out the name what you said with that liquid or the other two things that you showed to give your dog for shedding. It kind of goes too fast for me.

  3. Unfortunately you can't buy melatonin in the UK, so as far as I know you can't get it without a prescription. Thank you for the advice, I can try the other two. My dog is a rescue (four years ago!) and is still extremely excited to be living with us, so he never sleeps!

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