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  1. Here is am , BAM this shirt is fire , I am smoking it right now in a RAW Cbd cone, 1/4 J in and Shebang Shebang, dude it tastes like a purple crayon shut up, no choke a roo either, he isn’t lying about the terps, reminds me of girls scout Cookie or gorilla glue taste, indica , I am where he is in the ride, I am holding my hits 15 seconds at least , no cough and sailing away

  2. I grew some of this stuff straight gas ⛽️ 🔥🔥🔥. Mine turned out super dark purple and stank like garlic 🧄. Amazing smoke , the buds where not as dense but definitely packed a punch . I’m growing it again no 🧢

  3. I’m 😤🤩…… yo yo yo yo .. listen I’ve been doing this ganja thing for YEARS …brother you can just tear the paper 📄 long way b4 you roll that spiff…..but that burning 🔥 thing looks cute tho …..😂😂.. luv u channel… keep it up 👍🏽… I’m high 😤.. I’m out 🤩✌🏽

  4. Donnie Burger is a character in a movie called That's my boy played by Adam Sandler it is a Adam Sandler comedy and Donnie Burger is a cool like slacker Stoner type dude that got famous in his younger years for having sex with his teacher and vanilla ice plays his cousin in the movie good movie Goofy Adam Sandler comedy nonetheless but you should check it out sometime I guess you can say this movie was Adam Sandler attempt at a stoner comedy good movie but clearly not as famous as the movie Friday LOL

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