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  1. This is off-topic but I am taking my puppy to get his second distemper and Parvo ,vax and they want to do a fecal test for some new parasite that will kill the dog and is highly contagious two other animals… They told me that normal deworming pills for puppies don’t work for this New parasite, just a money grab??? Love all the info, keep it coming🥰🇨🇦🤍

  2. And even when shown the evidence, there are vets out there that push these poisons…hard. One vet that I had to deal with refused other treatments if my dogs didn't have flea control, that they sold. 🥺 they tried hard to make me look stupid for bringing it up. unbelievable.

  3. my dog hated it …. I have it her once. might've been twice … years ago. I don't remember if she had side effects BUT she literally fought me …. I threw it away. she s doing great … I give her drops of black walnut – wormwood oil now and then… she s getting old and is heathly lean and happy … no pills for her. ever….. WAIT i remember she DID get sick … she had the runs … must be the one time only that I had given it to her

  4. Hey Doc! Would love your recommendations for those of us that live in areas with high rates of ticks and/or mosquitos, where something stronger than a natural repellent spray is required to keep from getting eaten alive.

  5. Sadly one of the dogs that iam fostering suffers seizures….knowing that his former vet continued prescribing it for him….he told me that the benefits outweighs the risks. We do not use it.

  6. Try natural methods folks. Diametaceous earth..clove oil…put clay in their food (anti-parasitic) etc. Cedar oil, and chips to put around your plants and stuff will kill the ones outside that get on your feet

  7. So sad that these drugs are considered "safe". We used Advantage II last year, because the fleas were terrible… I've regretted it ever since. One of my dogs developed epilepsy, had his first seizure the very next day. 😥

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