Drugs, Nudity & World Peace: The Rainbow Family Gathering | Fringes

Last July, thousands of hippies convened in a remote Colorado forest for the 50th annual Rainbow Family Gathering. It started as …

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  1. The day peace comes is when the truth finally come out. The lies that have been told by the universities, governments, medias come out. That’s when it will truly come. The day is coming

  2. These are not anarchists. These are almost all exclusively white privileged people that can afford to spend that amount of time off work and are participating in one giant circle jerk. Anarchism has always been a working class movement that aims to reach a horizontal society where the means of production are owned by those who work them. Don't mix things up.

  3. Wow, did anyone else notice the 2 people from "The Garden" At 18:36?!
    The red hair guy!? 99% sure it's him

    Can someone confirm?

    I literally just watched the video Vice did on them from 1 year ago.
    They are in "My life online -Cult or Commune-The Garden"
    I wonder if Vice ever noticed that !

  4. I was there it was fun and my favorite part was when these three kids very far from hippie looking three clean cut brothers led the most highest drum circle on. Saturday night and we met when i was leaving and they gave me a cool t shirt they only bummer was johnny law giving me a speeding ticket totally rigged one cop was parked at this gas station and soon as i pulled out boom lights they thought they might get something smarter then that and my riders didn't even partake in jah but over all great gathering but rude people hey rainbow means this land belongs to everyone and i hate rainbow drainbow control freaks first gathering vermont 91

  5. I had a roomate try to hitch hike to one and he said everywhere were faux hippie chicks crying because they couldn't understand their weird barter system. Sounds fucking nightmarish.

  6. Pretty disappointed with how this doc turned out. You guys may know me as Shoulders, Parking Lot, or Brother Bo. I’ve been to three nationals, two regionals, and an international. In general I think Vice did a fine job but some of the footage is cherry picked. I wonder how many POC they actually talked to to find some who were not having a good time… I always do my best to keep my camp inclusive and have therefore made many African American, Latinx, Asian American and native friends at the gathering though I will grant not everyone puts in the effort to be as inclusive and welcome anyone and everyone to their fire. Yeah we could do better but the way they present the race issue seemed unfair to me. Also really hated how they showed the camera crew getting kicked out of the circle without showing that they were politely asked to leave multiple times and certainly told not to take their cameras to main circle. The woman who yelled at them is a really solid kind sister and they made her seem like a B. They also spend an inordinate amount of time focusing on the negatives without really giving the proper space to show what a transformative and healing experience it is for 90% of the people that go. Anyways, that’s my two cents. Loving y’all.

  7. Aldous huxley brought LSD to the U.S and is responsible for the counter culture of the 1960s. The whole hippie movement wasn't even popular without government meddling

  8. You can tell by that Karen that was yelling at her, that their trumpers. You can be hippies and trumper's. They're pretenders to peace. they're just Karen's at the end of the day

  9. The rainbow family DESTROYED that area! Its a very sensitive ecosystem. They diverted the stream, destoryed the vegetation, dug shallow latrines, and left massive amounts of garabage. Peace and love but not for the Earth. The presenter did not even mention the environmental impact.

  10. The explanation on why it's so white is easy because most black people and brown people have a culture of their own and most white people don't unfortunately

  11. I think you get out what you put in and funnily enough with the belief of some Physicists believe in the law of attraction where you attract what your 'vibe' is. A problem today which is the same with festivals like Burning Man is it's gotten HUGE and corporate and not fun really. As usual the police can make things a lot worse but we can't police ourselves (wink, it's a big forest) Just always have your rules, don't get so Inebriated you can't take care of yourself, never leave your kids (including teens) with people you don't know and trust. Be respectful and leave if things or people are to confrontational like that women who freaked out about them filming (that's toxic behavior of a control freak with anger problems). Remember narcs are there too.

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