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  1. The Peak Pro 3D and 3DXL only heat from the sides in order to save terps. If they heat from the bottom and the sides, the concentrate gets fried pretty quickly. Only heating from the sides allows your hash's flavor to last longer (according to Puffco)

  2. Peak pro case will actually save ur glass if u drop it, carta got like no customization. The screens useless and a waste of battery, just set your preferred heat settings one time and have them all ready at a click of a button. Sunlight also makes the carta screen useless 😢

  3. Carta 2 is great, but in no setting configuration will you ever get 40 sessions from its battery in one charge. The biggest downfall of the device is the battery, battery life sucks but other than that it’s awesome. It was my first e-rig purchase and I’m very happy with it, however I am currently watching this video because I’m contemplating getting the new peak pro just so I can compare the two

  4. Aside from aesthetics & an ability to custom set exact temps, the Crossing Core 2.2 (with the new 3D atomizer is not only cheaper, but performs just as well for a device that doesn't have custom temps).

  5. Had my Puffco peak pro v2 for about 2 weeks and it is honestly worth every single penny in my honest opinion. i absolutely love this thing but i was actually searching for days and days for the carta I was dead set on the focus V mostly because they're so similar except for the Carta being a decent bit cheaper then the peak pro v2 anyway happy with purchase all in all but the app seems to connect better with the focus 5 from what i have read.

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