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  1. Did he have previous charges? Or weapons or any violent crimes? And he's right they definitely dont like when people educate themselves about the law. Arizona is one of the few states where you can actually practice the law. But he should be able to be released and the law is pretty much who u know what u know. Kinda sad. But I fell alot is getting uncovered and they have been easying in a better direction.

  2. My brotha is also locked up so I will gladly sign the petition! Appreciate the episode Berner! Much Luv and Respect! Was at the Cookies opening in Tempe got to shake Big Bern's Hand it was Legendary! #MesaBoy checking in Westwood 06 Salute 💯✊🏽🏁

  3. Making it about color. SMH Arizona don’t fuck around. She’s not being completely honest about the story. Also she said it was less than a dozen pounds then says it wasn’t no kilos when their are over 2 pounds in a kilo. SMH Ignorant people. I can pull up dudes record right now and he has a record stemming from 2009 with multiple charges that include narcotics, illegal controlled substances, etc. people be crazy using color as an excuse. We all human we all make mistakes and we all pay for it. Stop with that race card shit. Yo daddy a criminal he fucked up and he’s paying for it. Smh

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