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  1. Aye dope as yola One of my friends recently got shot 2 weeks ago at 18 and unfortunately died so me and my friends put his dope as yola shirt in his casket that he got by wining a bong in a event u had in Miami I have pictures of you and him with the bong under a tent LLJ🖤

  2. Yola I have a question I just got a dabrite pro do you know if the USB type C charger should barely plug into it? Mine will only plug-in like a centimeter and I have to wiggle it to get it to start charging.

  3. Holy shit bro. That's crazy. I'm sorry that happened. I wish justice was served sooner for the person he killed sake. Fuck the police. Serve and protect my ass.

    Edit to say if you go around doing this violent shit to people thinking your cool your not. None of your friends are cool either. Your role models are dumb too bitch. <3

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