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  1. Yola! I started watching your content when I was 15-16. I first had started experimenting with herba around this time. My family had been so destroyed. Due to conflicts but I was always able to listen to your story times. My favorite one is the one where your uncle had led the cops to your grandparents house. I didn’t realize how low I was until I fixed the situation. Hindsight is always 20/20. Anyways, I saw a tiktok about you and I just wanted to leave a comment into the void. I appreciate your work dude. Keep being killer.

  2. Yola you’re an alcoholic lol, once you start drinking and you can’t stop, is a sign you’re a alcoholic lmao I’m the same way so ik EXACTLY how you feel. You don’t know how many times I was gonna get lucky from the wifey and just over drank 😩😂

  3. In 2016, I was in my second semster of high school. I was smoking with people who i thought were homies. Halfway through the sesh, my mom text me, "wya". I responded but my faded ass made a post on facebook saying, "Jack In The Box, Ill be home soon". I got grounded, i miss those high school days at times

  4. I'd get the spins and always puked. Friends cars. Bathrooms so I been there bro. I was once passed out snd woke up being duct taped to the coffee table. Pants falling off. Dick out. I'm like wtf bro. Boom passed out again. When I woke up I had dicks written on my face. Never drank jack Daniel's again. That same night I smoked weed for the first time. Then passed out on the couch again

  5. Broooo. When I drank I drank alot. Then I smoke weed then booom spins. I totally feel this. The Major reason why I quit drinking. This new years will be 8 years since I drank. Best decision ever. But this story man I been there. Alot hahah. Good shit

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