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  1. Sounds like a rip off how many clubs would you go to even it would have to be more than five like give me a break we all aren’t a highschool stoner there only to smoke. I think going to like four or three is likely what is more normal but even then it’s excessive find one and get bud then use that medicine to enjoy yourself on your trip that’s what it’s about not just trying all sorts of bud from all the stores. Bud is generally bud

  2. Tenerife is a lovely place. Went recently, people will approach you on the street and try to sell you memberships, we got offered this more than reps trying to sell day trips or free drinks in bars lol. I feel like though, weed is getting bigger and bigger too quickly in Tenerife, lots of Amsterdam regulars now heading there for a change that they'll clamp down on it sadly. Still, you'll always have the African beach drug dealers in the evenings I suppose 😂

  3. Mr Chongz was lame. Veronicas strip is lame 25 euro for mediocre bud. If you go to a club by the beaches expect to pay 25 euro gram for good quality. Rip off. BDL is the same, might be decent bud but 25 euro a gran and Barstie us a millionnaire. Costs very little to grow in comparison to what its sold for.

  4. Bro I was born on this island haven’t been back since I was 2 years old. I had no idea clubs were here I thought it was just Barcelona /Madrid etc but not the Canary Islands that’s amazing. Insane a little island has progressed more on weed than most of the USA smh. Happy to see a video about the beautiful island I was born thank you !

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