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  1. I tried to buy a G Pen on the site and they didn't send it for a week even after I asked them to cancel the order because the wouldn't return any phone calls or texts or emails, I got the Item shipped label created and then it didn't get shipped for over a week and I started asking the to cancel 4 days prior to that. Not who I want to co business with. I found one on Ebay brand new for $5.00 + shipping. You will not get good service find it else where.

  2. I'd like to say the instructions are printed so small. I mean small. I had to use magnifying glasses for circuit board work. I still had to have the instructions blown up to a larger size.

  3. Hey fellow stoners, I’m new to weed. If I do Ganja everyday with a blunt will it keep me lifted enough to stay Stoney? I feel like the higher I get he easier it is to study. I really need to pass this drug test. I love Mary Jane 👌

  4. Anybody that knows about vapes knows that anything grenco is garbage and dangerous to your health. Plastic melting is the least of your worries so stop calling this a quality product. This is the 1st time Ive came across your channel and from this one video I can see you are clueless

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