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  1. That's actually exactly what I did, I started on your videos and moved on from there. Two months later I have my first auto in flower and couldn't be more excited for harvest. Thank you both for what you're doing!

  2. Well the main reason I grow is 'cause canabis is currently illegal where I live and I don't enjoy having to pay outrageous prices. Buying pot has become a bit sketchy. Especially when I gotta buy it from a friend who has to buy it from his or her friend that I don't know. KY has been trying to get canabis to go legal for the past 10 years only for the bill to get shot down when it hits congress. Our current governor decided he had enough of the bs and signed an executive order for it to be legal medically and decriminalized it under an ounce. Thats a start but it's not enough. I just started to grow only 2 months ago and am working on my first crop. For me growing is fun, interesting and relaxing. It's a learning experience and I absolutely love it! I love the community as well. Although there are a few bad apples who think their growing method is the end all be all and that any other method is either wrong or inferior, most of the community is open minded and extremely helpful. One of the things that I have trouble with are right answers. There are so many different right and successful ways to grow. What's confusing is that 100 growers will swear these ways will give you unbelievable results with a high yield and another 100 growers will say these ways will ruin your bud and destroy your crop. Other than that, I am having a blast growing. It's basically taken over my life in that all of the things that I used to do for fun are no longer a thing… I am hooked on growing. I used to do a lot of gaming. I can't play a game for an hour before I want to quit and begin doing more research on lights, nutes or training methods. It's gone from a thing I wanted to try out to a lifestyle and the fact it's illegal drives me bat shit!

  3. I was asked if I wanted to help my friends 60 year old uncle grow 100 plants in the bush before it was legal. Did that a few times and quit. Once it became legal I learned how to grow indoors because I enjoyed doing it and it brought back fond memories of making a good friend that is now passed.

  4. I love this video and have been watching as much of your content as I can. You touched on a beautiful topic with your family, friends, and loved ones. I live in Florida so it's only medicinally legal so far. My mom and dad had smoked back in their time and didn't really have a problem with it. I always feared when I first smoked that ai would be pretty much kicked out for doing so. My mom told me to be responsible and always be careful. My dad told me the ways it should be used and shouldn't. I got out of it almost 10 years ago. Long story short I had a Grand Mal seizure in my sleep. I have bad anxiety, and sone other issues like herniated discs. My AED is starting to not work so I'm considering this. Seeing all the people it has helped has really opened my eyes. I've never been against it but I never appreciated what it could truly do. My mom had Squamous cell Carcinoma that went metastatic, spread I to her lymph nodes and ultimately that, diabetes, and sepsis killed her. She had epilepsy on top of that. She passed April 2020. My dad smoked cigarettes since 13 and COPD, sickness, and heartbreak killed him 8 months later. All of this was said to say 1.) It's a shame medicine was withheld from people. Marijuana could have drastically helped them both. 2.)I love the idea of growing and am wanting to get into. I wish they were still around for me to help them. Sorry for the long windedness. Peace to you all.

  5. I’m 61, have severe nerve pain from an accident and I’m a disabled veteran who started using pot to help me manage. I’ve gotten many more physical benefits from smoking pot which I have not done since I was 17. I’m growing strains I can’t find here, the expense of going to dispenser and I know what I’m getting. It’s fun and I’m learning so much.

  6. Hi I'm 33 just found your channel and have watched lots of your stuff. You guys are cool as shit🤘 I grow because iv got a broken spine and having failed surgery with lots of pins and screws I'm in a lot of pain and don't sleep. I don't want to take the nasty narcotics they make me sick🤮🤮🤢☹ weed was the best ever thing for me. I can now sleep and keep pain at bay most of the time and fell chilled. I'm so passionate about growing it because I can be organic.

  7. Lol I grow for myself mostly so I don't have to deal with dealers and so I know what is in what im smoking..
    I smoke to help with medical issue. Also live in UK so laws are crap for medical.. ✌️

  8. Another Michigan grower here. I started growing cuz I love the plant and it's legal and I always wanted to grow it when I was a kid. 3 years growing. I've done dwc hydro, coco coir and soil. I am growing auto flowers as well but I've grown photos too.

  9. Im not sure if i can grow it in my state or not yet (IL) but I know why I would want to… First is to save money. The dispensary was Waaaaaaay too expensive..

    Secondly is the potency.. The stuff today is way too potent for me. 1 hit and done.. Maybe 2 at the most… There is a huge market to be had for old fogey's like me. The 1980's teenage pothead.. Stuff today can quickly turn you into a instant retard if you smoke too much and not everyone wants that much of a buzz..

    And last but not least,, I want to know whats in mine.. I use to be a content creator,, ended up deleting most of my content,, but I once did a video about how I pickle my peppers from my garden.. For comparison purposes, I took store bought and my recipe (I got from Grandma) mine had 6 all natural ingredients,,, the store bought had a ton of crap you cant even pronounce,, and one of those ingredient I looked up and it is also used in toilet bowl cleaner.. So people are literally eating toilet bowl cleaner when they eat store bought peppers…

    Not to mention,,, I really hate goober-ment… I am a Constitutionalist to the core,, and for the goober-ment to tell people what they can and cannot do,, as long as it doesnt hurt anyone,, is Unconstitutional… Remember,, we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…. The goober-ment does not get to decide what makes us happy,,, does not grant us life,, nor does it give us liberty.. All of these things are given to us by our Creator at birth and NO man/woman cant take that from us and to threaten someone with confinement and fines is not only tyrannical but its also extortion. Goober-ment is full of the biggest criminals on the face of the planet, no matter what party is in power..

    Anyway,,, thats my 2 fractional cents,,,, just add inflation.

  10. I started to grow when I seen every state around me become legal. In Wisconsin ppl charge up the butt for this stuff n said screw it n started growing. This will be my 3rd year growing n can't wait.

  11. The cbd I found at dispos in MI are not expensive. Many many places have cheap options all over the state now too if your decently close to those places (both CBD and THC dominant strains). The issue is if the stuff from the store is actually “clean” meds or not.

  12. Great topic guys love it !!! I just started my first grow and it is fun lol plus I love cannabis and don’t want to pay soooo much money for it I have been paying around 800 a month for good dispo weed so growing my own is way cheeper

  13. I grow to liberate myself from the criminal aspect; I literally feel like a free man. I live in the UK and they don't like us free thinkers. Smoking since the age of 14 and am now 53.

  14. Heaven you should DEFINITELY checkout Octopots. Game changer with watering. No watering from the top and no under or over watering again. (Sunshine#4 works best for soil with it imo) Water only first 3 wks. 1/4 doses of nutes throughout. Top once right before preflower. (Right as second set of true leaves start filling out) nothing but leaf tucks after. The owner is a small business owner too and could use the support. FANTASTIC product. Customer service is PHENOMENAL. Much better and eAsier than most anything else. Hardest part is setup and cleanup.

  15. I don’t want to be “the asshole” lol but hi 👋 99% of people who grow actually are terrible growers not hating on anyone but it’s true people don’t understand the science and most just grow “ok” weed lol I myself grow weed that heavy smokers try one hit from a joint and they good lmao not overpowering but very good and I’m not the best this isn’t about me bragging I guess I’m just trying to say your videos help a lot of people, most people who start growing buy everything get all existed have there first grow get bent out of shape and sell everything lol I see local powshops with light after light and tons of equipment and most of it is expensive garbage. My advice don’t give up watch these guys vids and Kyle kushman and potsquatch and always keep growing and keep learning! And remember quality is better than quantity and don’t sell garbage you will make somebody sick ! Peace ✌️ love ❤️ and pot 🍃

  16. Hey Everyone. Love the channel and you guys are great. So much info. But I need some help. Does anyone know of a good, sensitive scale that can measure out amounts of product in amounts less than an ounce? I have an old scale but it can measure anything less than one ounce. I'm stuck.

  17. i grow because i love cannabis i been Amazed with this plant throughout my life I just want to know how it grows and how it developed its fruits i love it

  18. I love to grow for so many reasons to madis, n just get stoned but I know what I got n in my family has grown for around 30 years that I've been mixed up in but to see a smile n reaction on someone that can't afford it n really need it n CBD but to see it really help me n like a miracle in front of you with older n Young people I see with so many problems I a blessing to me …

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