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  1. Thanks for the video. I have the exact AC 2×2 compact kit with self watering base. it’s my first grow ever On week 3 ( Dutch passion critical orange punch ) and I would love to know how your experience would be like, from controlling height of plant to odor control. Mine is inside an IKEA wardrobe in my bedroom lol.

  2. Purple Thai very nice. I have five plants the same age lol may cut it down to 4. That's going to be a great plant I feel the vibe on it. Going to veg mine for 60 days then flower for ten weeks. Love your 2 x 2 setup it's so cute. Can't wait to see that plant grown out.

  3. Hey idk if you guys know but coco loco has a good amount of nutrients mixed in it, enough for the first 3-4 weeks. Thanks for the awesome video once again ! Can’t wait for the next one , and can’t wait to see the finished grow room, I think I’m as excited as y’all !!!

  4. Have not been able to get my tent set up this fall, but have 3 clones revegging and Cherry atomic sledgehammer (wttgt contest) plus a pineapple growing in my bathroom under an XS2000. Small and improvised can be good!

  5. Nice

    It’s funny you mentioned withdrawals from growing. I know EXACTLY what you mean.
    I take summers off and man am I’m so glad to be back in the garden going full tilt.

  6. Heaven Coco Loco is actually a fairly heavy amended Coco blend, not as hot as OF but it has a similar recipe. My current grow I did 70% Coco Loco 20% Happy Frog and 10% added perlite with the Flex. In late flower their more stable and happy compared to using 20% OF which sometimes has varied soil PH.

  7. Hi dirt girl & dirt boy you should of done a photo and done a mainline. Topping her heaps of times until you get about a 100 tops keeping it low and wide to maximise your little tent and getting max yield. I'm going to love to see how the little tent goes on this run.

  8. Gave my niece my the same 2×2, same light and fan/filter to see what she can grow. How crazy. Got her a Budda Cookies auto seedling started about the same size. 🤣 Different pot amd soil medium though 🙃 Gonna send her this video right away. 💪💚🌱

  9. What in the… Are you guys Trolling? 😂 Translucent container? (Algae) Why not just CUT THE DAMN CUP with a scissor? Left me scratching my head a bit. I still appreciate the video! Keep doing what you do! 💖

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