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  1. I had some of this the alien fields dabber was a nice touch I like it more than 710 for sure but wassup with some like American river extracts, i believe there is one place that gets drops but I’m sure you know where to get the ogre farms or norcalgardens, washing some fire melt and rosin; the new new is crazy strains he does great single source as well, I had the thc bomb early on; 24k (kosher Tangie) x melonbread that’s what I’d like to see is your take on American river since you’re in Cali!! Dm if you need a point in a direction @kailey_khristian on ig @theccc420

  2. Enjoy the honest review and your slight change on your guys rosin view point. I think people forget you guys came up on smoking the best of the best bubble hash so smoking some okay bubble rosin is the same as some okay bubble and something you guys dont really care for.

  3. I've heard nothing but amazing things about Field rosin and I really want to buy some. I don't know if it's a problem with Field, weedmaps, dispensaries or what but I've completely given up trying to find it. I'll just watch yall dab it.

  4. 3:08 : Funk Master Spittle (ft. Straight Drool) … anyways this video kinda makes me want to go grab some live rosin…. it really depends on the strains when it comes to rosin. Currently just smoking on some kinda generic Lemon Hash Plant (wanted something to roll up and not break the bank for the 4th)

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