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  1. YO, before you even rip that thing, i LOVE that little bubbler on top. I have always wanted to get into vaping flower. The one video you did got me into even knowing they existed.

    HAHAHA that bong attachment is boss level vaping LMFAO

    Thing rips pretty good, i may have to look into getting one of these one day, get into the vaping flower game instead of concentrates. Dude i gotta say the Segway to other vids is on point lol. Nice video though as always man, but i can't wait to get back to the grow vids, love em'.

  2. I havent found any vapes that compare to the kind of smoke Storz and Bickels give. 🙁 Edit: also curious about the aluminum. Cause for concern with alzheimers (spelling?) with aluminum. Maybe different from smoking vs eating drinking out of aluminum. Would like to see studies as there are stainless steel dosing caps available. But not sure if there is real medical science to switch or if its just hype.

  3. You're going to have to Heat that up to about 800 probably before it starts giving you some Thick Smoke I think that looks like it don't work at all I have another Luca and it only reaches 400 degrees and there other product reaches 800 Degrees and this 400 degree garbage that doesn't even heat up to barely enough two burn weed keef so all you get are those little wispy light smoke hits like you were getti g and proving 400 Degrees won't even burn a dab properly

  4. I know most people start out on a low tempature between 335°f to 365°f then gradually increase temp.
    I rip my mighty begginning at high temp which is 410°f on a mighty then step down to 365° then 360°f & finish it off around 330°f to 340°f this way it keeps that flavor coming.
    Going cold to hot tastes like 💩 after 8 rips.
    The mighty holds a nice pinner joint. So you should get about 30 rips off a bowl before its cashed out.

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