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  1. What blows my mind is religion. Not one person has seen or spoke to God unless they are mentally ill yet they believe in some ancient fuckers diaries as if its fact. They didn't even wipe their ass properly back then so why tf would you swear by their hallucinations in burning bushes and parting seas. Come tf on man 😂 i believe in God just not the fairy tales and thou shall obey mans law bs lmao

  2. The Alamo story I was taught (long ago) is that they lost. It was a big deal because so many notable Americans died. "Remember the Alamo" is about the loss, not the victory. Much like Custer's Last Stand.
    Healthcare is also a big part of the education problem. Doctors have to take out huge loans to get thru school then have to pay a ton of insurance to practice. That means they have to get paid. And that means Big Pharm owns them. Just like they own congress. Which is why we can't have cheap healthcare or free education.

  3. Just like the "Seminole war"

    We are told it was Native Americans who fought that war BUT it was Black and Native Americans who united

    That war was the beginning of the end of slavery

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