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  1. Hello , I'm in Florida West coast for 2 years first time my dog gets a skin problem, the first mistake I went to the vet now it's all over his body red scally, bloody ,itchy, darker thicker skin. and some round white spots. I started two weeks ago all your natural option still gets red patch out of fur. Can i double your shampoo recipe? feels its not enough to cover whole body. I also bath him with Selsun blue but here they only sell 1% 2.5% are prescribed. this skin problem is so consuming we do not swim anymore in the gulf. cant wait to go back play in the snow.

  2. I'd love to make my own shampoo for greasy dogs. I'm a groomer and see lots of greasy & yeasty dogs. Any shampoo recipes you can share? I already use 50/50 apple cider and water as a after bath spray to dry them faster.

  3. I know this video is about homemade dog shampoo, but are there any commercial shampoos that you would warn against? Especially interested in the oatmeal shampoos and the Arm & Hammer super deodorizing shampoos.

  4. I will tell u. that. I used. Canna ,Care in my. to. standard poodles. this summer was a bad. Summer from the. bad. humidity ….we have never had. and. kind of. trouble with hot spots. we did. .I used. this it is Amazing. .I. swear by it. .it helped so much .

  5. Hello Doctor Jones, first thank you for your recipe, then as it is not easy for me in france to get castille soap and that I'm using natural alep soap is it possible to use it instead of castille soap ? thank you for your answer .

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