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  1. Imagine what the world would be like if we had teslas free energy and hemp products we would probably be in a utopia but no greed always wins over the earh its terrible. We have never needed plastic or petrol cars or electric cables or meters we have never needed to cut a single tree but money will always turn a man into a beast

  2. Hey Matt, very nice videos as always. Did you know that we in Germany are legalizing at the moment and have to fight the fight against lobbyists the same way? We have a very big alcohol industry, and politicians who are heavily rooted in this industry want to do everything to keep weed illegal. There is, with all my seriousness, a man called Jo Winegarden who is a wine producer and strictly against cannabis, or Mr. Pilsinger, who isn't just named after a beer but is a doctor who really advocates for drinking Alcohol while giving away beer with his face on the bottle as an election advertisement. But they have no chance, it seems. 4.1.2024 is the legalization date, and 4.20 this year is a Saturday and will be wild.

  3. 0:06 that stooge is the ringleader! William Randolph Hurst is the ass that got the ball rolling. Hemp production threatened his paper industry, they just used racism as fear mongering to make it all work. To this day Hurst Communications has its finger in the honey pot.

  4. i did a final project on this for my English 101 class. it was 3 main figures, the secretary to the treasurer, harry j. Anslinger, and the DuPont chemical firm,. along with the racist propaganda that was coming out there was no hope that cannabis would remain legal.

  5. The excessive plastic waste (especially the way over the top packaging) is what I hate most about the industry. Put on a "look how green we are" face, then $ling a joint in a pound of plastic.

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