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  1. You know what? If they legalize home grow in every state? I could give a shit less if they stop all this mass production, & i would save so much money myself too it's ridiculous.

    Lmmfao at that lawn mower grind up

    Damn dude you had way better points than i thought there could be… Especially that biodegradable weed plastic from the leftovers. It's just a ridiculous law that hasn't been fixed yet preventing us from doing that.
    Thanks for shedding light on all this stuff, people really needed to hear it!

  2. Not only the planet. Wait a few decades to find out how savvy NON-DETECTION soups of "sanitory" additives performed, which is a concept best managed by indu$tries exactly…

  3. When I was young we just threw 'em in the ground. When I picked back up later in life went liq. nutes. Recently went back to organic. For this reason and added bonus of being able to make some of my own stuff which to me is interesting and saves some money.

  4. Unfortunately, government makes the simple fixes virtually unobtainable.
    Cannabis can basically erase pollution problems in many industries but that opposes the greenwashing agenda the civilized world is currently experiencing.

  5. Man, I remember back in the day when my dispensary had all the flower in jars, and they'd weigh it all out for me, and just put it in my favorite vintage mason jar.
    I also remember getting pulled over almost every single time I left the dispensary by the same fucking cop so they could harass me for 45 minutes over my medical card.

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