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  1. It’s a religion!!!!!!Poepss audience hall. I know people at the Vatican this is no joke. I can’t stand when it’s brought up. Go ahead and laugh it up. You’re in for a big surprise. Repent!!!

  2. i was abducted and visited by ufos (visits on video) at my home last year. that gave me the proof i needed that there is an intelligence among us. that aliens are real. and if there are good ones, then there should be bad ones. im telling you all now that the reptilians are definitely real. I wont force you to believe, but I will say now that this year we will get ufo/alien disclosure and soon the reptilian conspiracy wont sound so nuts.

  3. Spread the word foodstamp cuts do to need to give 2 million illegals foodstamps !! Any illegal that has a notice to appear gets $800 a month and food stamps !!!

  4. this explains those insurance commercials. the battle of the general and the lizard 🦎. we are at war folks, hope you people wake up and take the lithium before the race from the hollow moon space ship come to battle Eddie Bravo, the leader of the evangelical people of the flat earth. only our true prophet Grandle Carlcock can save us from this coming ice age in Bob Lazzars stoned ship megalith.. Space-X is God, all hail Elon!!!

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