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  1. Just ordered a Mini with some bags. I live in a non-legal State and the smell of burning flower could get me put in jail. I have Crohn's and need to adapt.😉 Love your videos. Physics, chemistry and alchemy all in one. Can't wait to smash my first bag.💚

  2. Can you show in centimetres also? It's kinda wierd you using grams and inches at the same time. Whole world watching you guyz;) and most of us have metric measurements

  3. Great vid! This is all new to me so excuse my silly question. What do you do with the isolate once you are done with it? Do you treat it like a dab? Do you put it in cookies or brownies or something? Thank you!

  4. Will you please stop making videos with the IQ!?!? I’m already committed (in my mind) to getting a NS Touch, don’t make me go to the IQ, my wife would kill me! But hell, maybe it’s worth it…

  5. You can Freeze Dry cannabis. It works kinda like a curing process to take out the moisture and can help increase the shelf life. Cryo Cureing will let you keep the Turpines and Tricomes intact. It can also make it more potent. You should try to Cryo Cure before making rosin for example and see how that differs from normal rosin with it being cryo cured

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