How To Confidently Pass Your Drug Test While Using Delta-8 THC

How To Confidently Pass Your Drug Test While Using Delta-8 THC


One of the most common questions for first-time users of Delta-8 THC is, “Will I be able to pass a drug test?” The short answer is…probably not. But before you disregard Delta-8 THC products completely, let’s a look at how Delta-8 THC is processed in your body.

How Your Body Processes Delta-8 THC

Once you consume Delta-8 THC, the fat cells in your body absorb the compounds. Since Delta-8 THC, along with every other cannabinoid, are fat-soluble, your body stores them than regular water-soluble compounds. Even if you tried a small amount of Delta-8 THC once, your body will retain the THC compound and continue to secrete THC metabolites for several days. This effect is compounded if you regularly consume Delta-8 THC products, allowing your body to retain the THC compounds for weeks or even months! Your body’s metabolism, hormones, weight, and gender play a big role in how long the THC metabolites remain in your system. Drug tests only test for the presence of THC metabolites, and not which THC was processed. You have a high risk of failing your drug test if you consumed a Delta-8 THC product just a few days before your drug test.

Understanding Your Drug Test

Obviously, the best way to pass your drug test (urine or follicle) is to not consume Delta-8 THC products. If you know your employer conducts random drug tests, chances are you’ll have to take a test while the THC metabolites are still in your system. But what if you depend on Delta-8 THC for medicinal and homeopathic wellness reasons? This is where it gets tricky. Many employers have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to drugs, especially marijuana. While it may be tempting to consider explaining to your employer the reason THC metabolites may be in your system, most employers don’t understand or care why you failed your drug test, only that you did. And since changing careers isn’t an option for most people, it may be best to hold off on chowing down on that edible until Delta-8 THC is better understood.

Ways To Prepare For Your Upcoming Drug Test

If you know that you’ll have to take a drug test for employment reasons, there are some things you can do. Since THC metabolites can remain in your system for up to three months, consider abstaining from all Delta-8 THC products during that time.

Buy OTC Drug Tests

If you’re nervous about passing your drug test, you can always buy an over-the-counter test kit to check at home. This will help you know beforehand if the THC metabolites are still in your system.

Change Your Lifestyle & Diet

Being active can help flush the metabolites out of your system. Consider increasing your water intake by several gallons. Include dark leafy greens into your diet to help replace the nutrients flushed out by the increased water. Add multivitamins to your diet, particularly ones that include zinc and iron. Add cardio and exercise into your lifestyle to reduce the fat cells that store cannabis in your system. Foods that are rich in Selenium, such as chicken, pork, beef, turkey, eggs, shellfish, Brazil nuts, and some beans, can help speed up your body’s metabolism and help you burn fat faster.

Consider Using Broad Spectrum CBD Instead

Consider trying broad spectrum CBD products, as these contain no THC. Broad Spectrum CBD can offer some relief for your anxiety, depression, sleep aid, PTSD, and minor pain ailments. It does not offer the desired high that Delta-8 THC does, but you can rest assured that it will not interfere with your drug test, as it will not cause your body to retain the THC metabolites in your system.

What We’ve Learned About Delta-8 THC and Drug Tests

There’s no foolproof way to pass a drug test once the THC metabolites are in your system. Unfortunately, many employers don’t yet understand the healing properties of Delta-8 THC and will be unsympathetic to your explanation. You can try to change your diet and lifestyle to flush out the THC metabolites, but it may not be enough. If you’re really worried about failing your drug test, Delta-8 THC may not be right for you. At least not yet! Many states have legalized both the legal and recreational use of THC, whether it be for tax reasons or honest realization that THC can be helpful. Until there is more information available about Delta-8 THC, it may be best to stick to broad spectrum CBD products and refrain from using any products containing THC (full spectrum, Delta-8 THC, or marijuana).



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