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  1. Nice girls. I had the same problem w butterflies laying their eggs on my girls outdoor. I solved the problem by putting up a butterfly net to keep them out. Best IPM for worms yet…😎

  2. Like he said in the video they pull the plants early and then sell their seeds, Let the plants grow! I got sent PREMATURE SEEDS save your money and go to anther seed banks they are tons of legit seed banks that are not sending out crack babies

  3. You want to hit them at the soil level too. Sluggo Plus sprinkled on the soil will take out cut worms and army worms. Those will munch on anything that they can crawl up. That Sluggo Plus has iron phosphate and spinosad so it takes the pests out at the soil level. Works great for slugs too (obviously).

  4. A Absolute "Must Do" step in growing outdoors! I personally use bt Worm and Caterpillar Killer by Garden Safe.. great preventative actions for a "Bug Rot" free garden! Those little worms really can and will ruin flowers if present! –
    This 2021 season, they seemed sneaky! … I was caught by surprise, (A little lazy + my disability issues) – not seeing any other leaf damage.. no holes, etc…
    The browning / dying part of a flower.. Was my sign to look closer! 😱
    I detected it early, treated my garden, pulled off a some dead worms, a few flowers, been spraying regular every 3-4 days.
    Great Video + Necessary Knowledge To Know If You Grow!! …
    Every outdoor grower should know this information! LOL 💚 Growing Keeps Me Going! ✌😎💨

  5. I to am dealing with these damn caterpillars in my garden here in SD. Hope they don't spread yo my other plants, I tracked it to one plant and she is in quarantine. Thanks for the info, ill be picking up that BT treatment you were mixing….

  6. As an outdoorsie kinda guy, I'm surprised spraying BT wasn't already in your regimen. Course it took me 1 infested harvest to realize it was a must. The stuff really does work, thankfully.

  7. OK, I've been growing since 1966, outdoors. Caterpillars are your number 1 enemy. In all my years of experience, let me suggest the best way to NEVER have caterpillars when growing outdoors, weather in ground or in containers. Caterpillars come from butterfly's that lay there eggs on your plant. So, very simply buy these nets : Garden Netting, Plant Mesh Netting Cicada Netting Veggie Garden Net Mosquito Bird Screen Protect Kale Tomatoes Cabbage Fruit Trees Cherries Bush Row Cover Net 8ftx24ft from Amazon or your garden store. Just type in microfine plant nets. Look for the size you need, they have many sizes. I put tomato baskets over my plants when I first start them, to support the nets and expands out the top. Butterfly's can't lay there eggs through them, so NO more caterpillars. I get the white ones so it allows all the sun to penetrate. You can water right through them to.
    Thank you Homegrown for the seeds I purchased from you earlier in the season. They are all budded and some close to harvest. No caterpillars … All good here.

  8. Nice video…..wayyyyyy too many caterpillars 🐛 ! Last years crop lost probably 1/2 due to caterpillar damage. Doing BT but with WAY LESS application as yours. Have issues with beach overcast causing mold, so we spray sparingly throughout the grow. Right now, 3 strains in various stages of flower.

  9. Great information my dude! Ty for sharing the knowledge!

    I'm sorry to hear you've açquired caterpillars in your garden. Those flowers were still looking really nice, and I guess the gratitude of catching them in time so that not all is lost is in order as well. We both know that it was just constant vigilance of being in the garden that made the difference.

    Again love the open ended hoop house, and the garden in which it contains. The patience should love it! Again ty. For the video and info. Great stuff!

  10. My first two seasons I had no idea about bud worms. Last year and this year built a simple covered outdoor grow area for less than $100. No worms!

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