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  1. As always great video Matt
    Lots of good info.
    Question for you?
    I was paying attention
    To the temperature you
    Were saying 55-60 f
    and I can agree the cooler
    the better
    Curious though is 72
    degrees (highest)
    And 50 humidity
    Too far off the scale?

  2. its so sad in australia because like 90% of our weed is street bud because our laws for it are changing and theyre very backwards and confusing but the point i was getting to is that 90% of street weed only about 5% is cured so it sucks trying to find good weed thats cured not hard to find good weed though thank fuck

  3. One of my phenos of Pineapple Express has a majority of clear trichromes but gives an extremely sedated effect when smoked, she’s still curing (1 week so far). What causes this? Is it a mutation? I was purposely going for a clearer more energetic effect but one of my girls went the opposite direction. Absolutely fascinating!

  4. Have you ever tried keeping the lights on for 24 hours or more right before harvest? I was watching Dr. Bruce Bugbee say that letting them sit in the dark before harvest is pointless and possibly detrimental to flavanoids and terpenes unless in a cold room to preserve some of them, but photosynthesis is still working till the very end and that little extra stress from the extra light duration could possibly help in terpenes and flavonoids productivity. You, of course, then have to put them in a cold room to dry and to preserve them, but you didn't let them sit in the dark while still plugged into the media and instead went into drying with full potential, and possibly a better product. I'm harvesting Friday, and I think that I'm going to give it a shot. I'm going to dim my lights some though.

  5. Aye bro, you do such a great job at explaining everything so thoroughly, thank you for sharing all your great information with us bro. I love watching your content, keep up the great work and keep on being great!!💯💪

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