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  1. Lumify for eye drops work the best in my opinion it out stands all the others I’ve tried but it is more spendy and goes out quicker which sucks but it works

  2. 😅😅😅😅 do not consume the whole bowl of peanuts 🥜 like a demented pelican omg do we do that? 😂 and Don’t fall asleep because it’s rude what if somebody really boring comes around lol and you find it hard to stay awake talking to them even when you’re not stoned hahah

  3. Maybe I noticed this because I'm high right now, and I wonder if the channel did it intentionally because they're messing with us, but as the video progresses, the bodies keep getting bigger and the heads get smaller. 🤔

  4. Ask any rapper or conversational speaker and they will tell you that cannabis can help with communication instead of the reverse. it all depends on the cannabinoids and terpenes plus esters and flavonoid of course. i dont know where they get the idea that cannabis doesnt allow ppl to have deeper thought. thats all its there for.

  5. I'm 70yrs. Old, so I don't care who sees me high. Not even the cops!!! I also live in ILL. It's legal here. But this is good advice for anyone who tokes. Fire 🔥 up everybody!!!!

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