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  1. With that recipe, what is the milligram on those eddys in the vid? An how do I make them super strong, it takes me about 200milligrams or to get me ripped, so i want make them strooooong lol

  2. DO NOT USE COLD WATER. I tried this recipe almost exact with cold water and the gummies did not gel. I tried using boiling water and they turned out perfect. Wait a bit for the mix(Jello, Gelatin, and water) to cool down a bit before adding the rosin infused coconut oil. You will also want to add more rosin to make it stronger unless you're making it for grandma.

  3. Could I just put my silicone rosin container right on the press instead of in that capsule , I’m assuming the company won’t recommend it lol but just curious if someone has tried ? how long and temp used?

  4. What is that thing u put in the glass while heating? The thug that spins to mix. Also what temp are u heating at? If I were to use stovetop low heat?

    Just got my smasher about a month ago had some not great extractions with 10-12% return but just harvested some fresh outdoor violator kush and getting 25% return with gold honey like stuff just amazing.

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