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  1. the bartender is a gatekeeper… he has how many machines to make drinks? how hard is it to drop food coloring in a martini? this guy smells his own farts out of the glass before he pours each drink i swear. what a douche

  2. I liked the video because this is possibly the only person in the entire world that can pull off a unibrow like that, looks so natural I didn't even notice it at first. I have no idea why I'm amazed.

  3. damn dude it's such a shame these videos attract the morons of the internet. it's honestly painful to read some of these comments. ps i think his unibrow is sexy af

  4. Dear Munchies, it's not wise to advise people to drink a cocktail ("Silver Bullet") with colloidal silver in it. Just google "argyria" to see what the complications might look like.

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