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  1. I’m not a great chef. But I have perfected and sold beef tartare. He made a couple mistakes and also some silly things. 2 drops of Tabasco won’t change the flavor of anything in that volume.

  2. Très étonnant que les Suisses ou les Belges n'aient pas là aussi, réclamés l'origine de la recette. Les frites, c'est Français (inventées sur le Pont Neuf à Paris en 1783). La fondue et la Raclette sont de la maison de Savoie, capitale Turin. Le steak tartare est aussi Français, inventé par Pois, et revisité par Bocuse. Plein le cul de rappeler ces vérités.

  3. Being a butcher for50 years with my own meat market I sold lots off steak. Tare tare. I will eat it iff I see the piece off beef. Before it is minced. Has to to be very fresh and lean ground. Round has the best taste. My parents eat it once a week. All there life and lived to 90 never sick bestgrind it at home so you see the beef. Pepper salt. Nutmeg. That's all best taste. European s eat it. That doesn't mean every day once a week. Don't agree on eating raw pork. Just beef

  4. I ate dinner with my friends today at a bistro, and they have special menu once in a while, we order it.. its a taste that ive never knew before, but in someway i kinda like it. Turns out to be beef tartar. Never thought i would like it, but now i know its really goood!

  5. eat this and put ur self in risk of food poisoning and even death, it's fucking raw and disgusting, bacterias are not killed if not cooked to certain temperature.

  6. I just got back from Berlin and was lucky enough to visit Les Valseuses and meet Julien himself and his Steak Tartare was by far the nicest I have ever had. Thank you so much for shining the spotlight on this guy Munchies, keep up the good work!

  7. Awesome video; edits, cut and music were perfect. The "out take" in the beginning was great too. Been watching a lot on tartare, as I'm looking for a good place to start (sort of a hidden passion for cooking) and this was by far the best!

  8. americans don't always do it "sloppy joe style." i always chop my meat by hand. so i totally find this video racist as fuck. if you piss flaps want to play it like we take no care in our prep you can blow me sideways twice.

  9. I once went to a fancy restaurant in Noumea with my partner's parents and I had the steak tartare which I'd had before in Belgium and loved. But the place was so expensive I didn't dare order bread to go with it.
    Do not try to eat this without bread, it is the devil's work.

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