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  1. Whats the difference between potsticker dumplings and hotwater boiled dumplings?
    Is that dough so much more difficult to make from scratch then the ones for boiled dumplings? Because in most of this videos people go for storebought ones when it comes to potstickers.

  2. oh my god, do so much shit wrong. just a few examples: 1) Do not put cooking wine in the meat, cooking wine needs to be evaporated, but when sealed in a dumpling, cooking wine does not evaporate as much and you will get a very strong cooking wine taste. 2) when mixing water into the meat, you mix in a little at a time to make sure the meat fully absorb the water. if you dump in the water all at once, it doesn't combine properly. that's why you hear her say the water seperates out from her fillings, which is not suppsoe to happen. 3) you dont put the ginger and green onions directly into the meat, you soak the ginger and green onions in hot water till it cools, and then squeeze out their juice. Discard the ginger and green onions and only use the flavored water. by doing this, flavor is more subtle and delicate. 4) you are suppose to add a flavored oil that been been infuse with various aromatics and spices into the filling. it seals in the water, adds a more velvet texture to filling and adds flavor. 5) store bought wrappers are complete shit compared to hand made. store bought wrappers are made from much wetter dough and pressed very thin. wet dough is a characteristic of machine mixed dough, and more water and pressing thin cuts down on costs. The result is store bought wrappers turn into mush when cooked and do not have the chew of had made wrappers. Only advantage of store bought wrappers is laziness.

  3. I don’t normally buy stuff off instagram ads, but I saw an ad for FLY BY JING about a year or so ago and got really intrigued so I pulled the trigger. I bought their bundle to try everything they had at the time and now I’m hooked! That Zhong Sauce is bomb! So good that I recently bought the King Zhong which is their XL size of it. Jing seems pretty chill and I’m going to keep supporting her business.

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