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  1. You guys should do a video on terpene profiles. And on what and how terpenes affect and stimulate you. Great video but feels incomplete. THC and CBD aren't the only things that affect you. TBH, unless you have some genetics that is pre-hybridization, like Landrace strains, one can never really be certain of the effects until trying it out. So many different combinations out there and to know which phenotype you're getting from any seed is anyone's guess. I believe we should focus more on preserving and studying "Landrace" strains and their effects before we lose them all to careless hybridization. Just my opinion.

  2. THC is the goat! Aromatherapy is overrated which is all terpenes are possibly giving.! Growing conditions matter more than genetics. The best you will encounter is with friends in a good environment. Have a lovely weekend.

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