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  1. For the avg pothead, someone who smokes 1-2 joints per day, the rule of thumb is you will need 6-7 weeks of abstinence ie not smoking pot at all to pass your standard lab urine test.

  2. I smoke for like 7 days out of the month, but I didn't do that this month but I did take like 6 hits off a cart and 5 off a blunt and its still testing positive 2 months later, I'm a big guy..does anyone have any suggestions on how I can speed up this process

  3. Urine Drug testing is garbage. Has nothing to do with being under the influence but a life style choice. Why are people still being drug tested by urine sample in places where weed is legal?

  4. Haven’t smoked for over a month and took a piss test but apparently i drank too much water so it was voided and I have to take another test. I was sure i was gonna pass so i smoked for two days. Now I have a 10 Panel piss test coming up in 6 days. I weigh 120lbs and I have super high metabolism. Running a mile everyday, gallon of water everyday, and drinking a glass of cranberry juice everyday. Crossing my fingers I pass 😩

  5. I'm clean after a week. Here's how I did it and there's science behind this so anybody that wants to get clean may want to try this.

    Step 1. Stop smoking LOL
    Step 2. Start burning fat and eating healthy foods. (Plenty of exercise to get the heart pumping and the sweat flowing)
    Step 3. Start taking supplements that act as enzyme inducers (St Johns wort or Milk Thistle)
    Step 4. Stop reabsorption back into the blood stream (Activated Charcoal or Wheat Bran)
    Step 5. Continue until clean

    I used Metamucil instead of activated charcoal as I just didn't like the thought of putting charcoal into my body.

    Hope it helps 🙂

  6. Just got on probation smh so yeah I gotta quit unfortunately, I was a heavy user for ten years an I’ve been a week sober an feel good, the first day was really hard for me but after that day it was easy to not smoke being that I still sell bud an I’m around it everyday but I just don’t have the urge anymore in fact ion even like smelling like bud no more but I need the extra cash so I gotta do what I gotta do if the court wants there fines payed that I owe them 😂

  7. In Australia, police can pull you over and swab your mouth to test for cannabis use. Is there a way to beat this test? I passed one just 7 hours after ripping a joint, I think it's because I drink Pepsi Max when I'm high.
    Could it have washed it away? Can anyone verify this? Or did I just get lucky?

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