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  1. Bro, will you please tell me how you link your video to see the nugs??? I’ve been trying to do it like you do it but they block every video because I show the weed and it instantly gets age restricted but how you do it is the smart way, but I can’t figure out how to link my other video to my video

  2. The problem with this channel is the guy is so irritating.

    Green hair, keeps saying "bruv" every two seconds etc.

    He's just so annoying it's painful.

    (Go on fanboys… defend him in the replies 😂)

  3. Thanks Drew 🤗 Have I discovered a weird glitch? Left a comment on a pic., it ended up back on the intro video.
    On my tablet the link never shows, but newer mobile phone does! They both all updated apps.
    It's a pity, tablet has bigger screen to examine those frosty nugs. Pinned comment works tho.😊

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