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  2. Thanks for this one. I am currently with sapphire, and i am spending more time without my meds than with them. Their delivery times are a joke. Their product is weak and tasteless. I have ptsd, bpd and adhd. My moods are very unstable, weed really does help, but two weeks nearly without and still another 5 days wait time. I have just registered with MaMedica and got my appointment. Gave them your youtube as my reference..thanks man…

  3. Tried strawberry glue and gelato from Cantourage, both were pretty crap. Couldn't taste any terps and for the price it's just better for me to stick with the usual meds i get. Maybe in future things will change

  4. what does the hemp baci taste like? is it good? I've been smoking with cig for years and wouldn't change the way I smoke for anything but im also a bit off with how unhealthy it is

  5. Medical cannabis is too dry.
    Boveda 62% 2 way humidity control packs put the moisture back into it apparently.
    Would you be able to test a bit of dry medical bud, then leave it with a boveda pack for a week then test it again?
    Maybe get a sponsor from boveda if you can 😂

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