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  1. Man Bern didn't know you had a battle with Cancer bro. Prayers from us out here in Phoenix 🙏 I'm sure I speak for many when I say Your King in the game bro. 👑 💯

  2. Nice shoes glad u have time to get new shoes instead of over looking your business that is selling contaminated product here in Colorado, nice to see where your priorities are at fckin chump

  3. Dope, but perhaps too elitist and extravagant, they dope AF tho, but if they were gifted i appreciate you sharing it with us….. do you want me to send my adress cause I could use a size 10.5 for me to represent cookies on ur behalf in Holland when ur company can finally start biz over here…

  4. broooo berner got the best dunk lows ever and he deserves em protect unc at all costs!!! suprised he gon even rock em id have to if i had em too ngl lol either that or id put em in a case.

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