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  1. It’s so crazy watching YouTubers in the UK talk about weed when here in the states it’s legal a lot of places, and Canada too. I live in Washington where it’s legal for anyone 21 plus and we have huge dispensary’s in almost every town w every strain you can think of, edibles in every form even drinks and ice creams, lotions, balms, vape carts w every strain and flavor, oils and waxes, LITERALLY EVERYTHINGGGG. I go and buy large quantities of shake even to make my edibles. I feel so blessed and grateful, especially since the cbd tincture I give my dog cured her seizures and gave her six more years old life, and we wouldn’t have been able to get it elsewhere bc the .01 percent thc in it.
    Hopefully one day the rest of the world will catch up and people will open their minds to all the wonderful things it can do ❤❤❤ you def need to take a kush-cation over here or to Canada soon! Go to all the spots, there’s even cafes and restaurants and crazy attractions all over California now! Would be fun!

  2. brooo you don't understand how jealous I am rn 😂 I'm in the same boat you was in nobody ever has it in. the last connect I have that had some kept it all for percy, I mean I don't blame him but the mans still a scum bag 😅

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