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  1. hey drew question can you go 1 time to amersfoort see what coffeeshops are good or what to look for in the shops there im new to weed and every1 i know that smokes mixes with tabacco and i cant fund any good bud to smoke pure alls just black ash most taste oke or bad but almost never good

  2. Tyson 2.0 & Strainhunters (Cookies)
    Best Cali expensive but worth it.

    My favorite is Sativa!!
    I drive regular 1,5 hours to Amsterdam and always go there. Quality/Prices is really good and the staff is really helpfull. I started smoking again because I quit Oxycodon and got back pain. I just smoke like 2 joints a week but the guy there really helped me picking some strains and they work even gave me a grinder , rolling plate , jars , papers and a lighter as a gift the third time i spoke to him.

    Purple mimosa is really my favorite

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