“I’m Just Going to Smoke a Little Bit of the Death Star” #shorts

How To Grow Weed 420

Can the marijuana industry convince soccer moms that puffing on a joint is akin to sipping on chardonnay? Click here to subscribe …

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  1. This reminds me of when I smoked A_hole spliff work name "pHaaarR beyond the universe cabin in the woods outta spaze kush"

    I was alone, had a few miles walking blade_Inn home isch fixing with the laundry before getting recKdD landlord neighbours ete ceteraa

    Anyhow on my way home I showed my p cocK to a so called Cop, hitchhiked to Oklahoma Springs, sippd some hashisch plus acid n cock pits tales (ok I confess a male AA-pilot took my anal virginitie and fixd the government/cop-bogus), ended up in a bar where I showed plus dropd my dicky in a this time female officer n mom to our kiddis ferdinand, fandango n filippa

    I do not know if I ever landed from that kush, I did get wreckd from that home n soon Ill sip on a lynchburg lemonade roll up one right – from the sky bar, in my sky scraper quite near Himalaya (Philadelphia *cheeze*) eeeehhh, And…….

  2. She and I are currently on hiatus from AA meetings, for different reasons. I completely kid. I'm her Sicilian doppleganger ya got me again, Skynet, with yer crafty algorithim. I am, however, pounding the Death Star.

  3. Ive tried to care and get into the different types, terps, yada yada. It all just gets me high and anxious to a certain extent. Nothings given me that wow factor, its all the same. Must be just me though.

  4. Its also about tolerance levels. For many heavy pot smokers, Death Star is a nice, mild high. If she's a pounding a bottle of Pinot Grigio then shes probably drank a good amount of wine to have a tolerance.

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