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  1. Do you ever get problems with driving and police? Like them smelling it or seeing your eyes red? I'm a daily smoker and always have to use eye drops to try make me look less stoned and even then I'm 99% sure if they did a roadside drug test I'd come up positive. Just wondering what other smokers/drivers do

  2. Hi Drew! I see you popped up in my subscribed box and suggested videos, it might be because I just subscribed to you. Maybe see if people who are subscribed to you can unsubscribe then subscribe and maybe that issue will be fixed…

  3. This PSYCHO is pro baby abuse. He has openly stated on his twitter that he wishes for children to suffer. Don't buy his products, he promotes abuse to babies. He's an absolute disgrace and needs to be locked up!

  4. This guys one of my fav youtubers and just noticed his videos werent in my sub box. Only saw this because i clicked on the channel, cant wait to catch up. P.S love the old guy 2:27

  5. You're not the person I thought you were Drew. Your girlfriend must be feeding you some serious bullshit. Even after the first Onision video, I still liked you, as well as Onision. It didn't matter to me if there was beef between two YouTubers, I still enjoyed their videos. However, Onision is real with his content. He shows who he truly is. You however, showed your true colors on Twitter. You don't bring somebody's kids into it, especially after Billie had a personal bond with the child(ren). You also don't wish death/suicide upon somebody, it's wrong. You're not the nice, funny guy I thought you were when I first subscribed. I made a new account, so I'm not subscribed and I wont be subscribing again. You're an asshole, a fake tough guy. Grow up Drew, move on and tell Bille to do the same.

  6. You DO know about the bell icon, right? People have been ranting about how horrible a decision on youtube's part it was but subscribers have to click on the bell icon to get EVERY notification from a channel.

  7. The only videos I have had from you and your channel has been from when you jump onto you now, which has been almost daily, beyond that, this is one of the first videos i have seen from you since umm oh the last onision video where he had a breakdown. I found it really odd you hadn't posted anything since then.

  8. I think you should move to Massachusetts Cape Cod.We have just passed medical marijuana. Get into a dispensary from the start. New strains are being developed for panic disorder, anxiety and depression. Film the evolution of medical marijuana in Massachusetts on your youtube channel. Document the entire industry and development of new strains. You are smart….think bigger.

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