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  1. Same bullshit they're telling us in germany.
    "Die gefahr kommt von Rechts"
    "The danger comes from the right"
    We have foreigners committing terrorist attacks in germany on a weekly basis now and the left publicly threatening politicians and attacking conservatives with armed mobs.
    Meanwhile there are literally years in between the attacks commited by the right.
    Recently there have been 2 seperate assasination attempts on 2 AFD Politicians, one got poisoned.
    The perpetrators are on video and have been identified but the media is silent.
    Left parliamentarians calling up antifa to burn down and destroy hotels that house AFD members or host their meetings?
    The media is silent again.
    School shooting on a german school, wich has not happened since 2006?
    The media jumps on it for 1 day until it turns out that the gun was illegaly owned and the perpetrator was serbian.
    Jihadist knife attacks have become so prevalent that most of the time only local newspapers or right wing news report on it.
    Publicly funded news are silent and always try to hide the nationality of the perpetrators.
    Just this week 2 teenagers got exposed planning an islamist terrorist attack on a christmas market.
    But hey!
    There was ONE extremist right attack in 2019 wich still gets mentioned in the media from time to time.
    So I guess the right is the problem

  2. For European to win a battle against their forefathers they would have to use projectile weaponry which is forbidden by the Lord for obvious reasons they are not supposed to have weapons nor be fighting in the first place that is why they are so that's all they lost their way and became bigger than they actually are the drugs wars and false imprisonment didn't help didn't help needed in sending them from a prison with life sentences to a country that somebody already owns that is called bio warfare and it is very illegal😮😢🤔🧐

  3. We have MUCH bigger problems than this stupid bs. But, yes, continue…as I KNOW you will…it's a lot easier to make up boogymen to oppose than to actually DO any goddamn thing.

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