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  1. If Fecth ain't in ur top 3 breeders of all-time then u don't love the plant like we do I miss that 99 freaknik Irene I had but hey nothing last forever keep shining like the Kings yall are 🙌

  2. Bag appeal is part of cannabis culture. The truth is… a lot of growers don't know how to make Irene look attractive, that's because thet're all salt based growers. Irene and Irene crosses look fantastic. for top growers. Imagine emerald colored buds that looks diipped in green diamonds and purple and black highlights.

  3. Irene has a pine – minty kush taste. If you know how to grow her very well, you could pull a cherry flavor out of it. The 'OG' connotation has zero to do with ideal 'OG' strains, more so a respect value.These things should be expressed in speaking about Irene. I've grown more indoor Irene than anyone, I should know.

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